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    Action Physiotherapy provides a comprehensive range of physiotherapy treatments in Newcastle, working closely with patients to deliver a quality service that meets their specific needs. Whether you suffer from joint problems, back pain or any sort of muscle problem, our physiotherapists can help.

    We offer a fully hands-on holistic approach to treating and managing musculoskeletal injuries and to providing post-operative care, with the following services available:

    • Joint mobilisation/manual therapy techniques
    • Soft tissue techniques - massage/myofascial releases
    • Kinesio taping
    • Biomechanics (correct patterns of movement)
    • Exercise prescriptions to increase mobility, strength and stability.

    We treat patients presenting with a wide range of musculoskeletal problems at Action Physiotherapy, working with everything from neck and back pain to muscle strain and more. Our physiotherapists carry out full assessments before conducting any physiotherapy exercises and treatments to establish the exact nature and cause of the ailment. They then create a personalised treatment plan based on their diagnosis to ensure that each patient’s individual needs are addressed.

    All of our physiotherapy exercises and treatments are evidence-based and are designed to maximise, and where possible, restore normal function.

    Examples of some of the injuries we treat

    What is Healthy Back Solutions?
    It's an individualised treatment program that includes accurate movement and controlled loading, finely targeted at the stabilising muscles of the spine, Healthy Back Solutions has proven to significantly reduce back pain. All under the close supervision of our Physiotherapist and Exercise physiologists.

    Commitment to quality

    Whether you require ongoing intervention to manage a chronic condition or simply need a set of treatment sessions post-injury, Action Physiotherapy can deliver the services you require. We also handle WorkCover injuries and can work with patients involved in third party/motor vehicle accidents.

    Treatment for Veterans Affairs (DVA) is also available at our practice, which is part of the Medicare Care Program.

    At Action Physiotherapy, we’re committed to providing high-quality physiotherapy treatments to all of our patients and will aim to improve your general mobility and function as much as we can. From using massage to aid muscle problems to drawing on biomechanics to correct movement, we’ll develop a care plan that’s designed to suit your individual requirements.

    We work throughout:

    • Newcastle
    • Hamilton
    • Merewether
    • Adamstown
    • New Lambton
    • Linwood
    • Cook's Hill 
    • Stockton
    • Charlestown
    & the greater Lake Macquare and Hunter area
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